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7-18-17 Online Edition

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Please note correction from Warner Selectman Kimberley Brown Edelmann:  

Warner people should know there is a little error on the price of the house of Warner’s future firestation. We sold the house, which will be moved to another location later this year, for $337 and not as stated. This was a WIN – WIN for everyone. The quaint little house will once again be someone’s home somewhere in Warner ** AND ** the Town does not have to pay to have the building demolished and removed from the site.

2017 Summer/Fall Guide

The 2017 Summer/Fall Guide to the Kearsarge/Sunapee Region is now available online.

You may find a hard copy at the Lake Sunapee Region Chamber of Commerce in New London, the Sunapee Information Center, the Newbury Information Center, and four N.H. State Information Centers: Hooksett North, Sutton, Springfield and Lebanon.


6-6-17 Online Edition

Apologies for the late post…

We’ve been working extra hard preparing the 2017 Summer/Fall Guide to the Kearsarge-Sunapee Region. It’s absolutely beautiful and will be in newspapers and at newsstands June 13.

The following week we will begin distributing the guide throughout the region through October. We will also post the entire guide online.

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