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The InterTown Record is a weekly newspaper published in North Sutton, N.H., covering the Kearsarge-Sunapee region including: Andover, Bradford, Elkins, Georges Mills, New London, Newbury, Springfield, Sunapee, Sutton, Warner and Wilmot.

The newspaper is published/delivered every Tuesday except the last Tuesday of the year.

(Unless the post office is closed.)

Founded by Edmunds Enterprises in 1993, the InterTown celebrates its 25-year anniversary in 2018. Bog Mountain Publishing LLC purchased the InterTown in 2007.

Every June the InterTown publishes the Summer/Fall Guide.

Each holiday season, beginning the Tuesday before Thanksgiving through the week before Christmas, the InterTown publishes a holiday guide with a popular “Find the Santa” game.

The InterTown covers local news including columns by Peter St. James “Outside Insides”; Barbara Mills Lassonde “Over a Century Ago”; Scott Capron “K-9 Quotes by Probie”; Aarne Vesilind “A raisin seed”; John Willse “Another Opinion”; Phyllis Piotrow “What do you think?”; John Raby “A View from the Woods”; Susan Nye “Around the Table”; Sasha Wolfe “A Time to Garden”; Jeff Miller’s high school sports roundup; Minette Sweeney’s “Weekly Tunes”; neighborhood correspondents; Letters to the Editor; obituaries; “Salt & Light” by various contributors; a community calendar; real estate listings in Merrimack and Sullivan Counties; weekly horoscopes, sudoku, crossword, Wonderword and N.H. lottery results.

There are also occasional features: Meet Your Neighbor; Spotlight on Business; selectmen meetings and school board meetings.

If you would like to share the LOCAL news with us, please email: info@intertownrecord.com or use the contact form below: